Many old games I’ve written while still in school can be downloaded here.
Quite recently I’ve written a small Wolf3D-clone. It’s called
SpaceSoldier3D (or Weltraumsoldat3D in German). It is open source!
I wrote it in Java using the incredibly awesome libgdx.
This library allows the game to run on all major desktop platforms (Win32/Linux/OSX) as well as on Android. It was later ported to C#/Kosu for an iOS release.
Google Play (Android)
Apple AppStore (iPad/iPodTouch/iPhone)
For more information about PetraVis please visit its official website.
My first Ludum Dare Entry. I used the theme as game name throughout development and now I’m too lazy to change that so I just called it Tiny World with my username as prefix.Controls:

  • Left&Right for horizontal movement and Up/Space for jumping.
  • Escape to go back to world overview or quit game.
  • Return to enter selected world in world overview screen.

On Android tap on the left/right border of the screen to run left/right and tap both left&right borders at the same time for jumping. Press the back button on your device to return to the world overview.

Difficulty: Easy -> small inertia, no spikes. Normal, Hard, Impossible -> growing inertia, with spikes.

Download: Desktop,
iOS (iPhone/iPodTouch/iPad),
Windows Phone 7

My Delta Engine Game Jam entry. Roughly 10 hours of work. Source code and assets can be obtained from the GitHub repository. Here’s a screenshot. Needs a bit of polishing until I’ll publish it on Google Play and the Apple AppStore.